Dr. Natasha Iyer wanted to be a doctor since she was 11 years old.⁣

⁣She spent her first 8 years of practicing as a rural emergency physician and family doctor. Her life felt ‘complete’: she delivered babies, looked after generations of families, with a mix of emergencies like heart attacks, broken bone, head injuries, with palliative care and long term care thrown into the mix. Everything she dreamed of doing, caring for patients and their families was a reality.⁣

Then she began to feel unwell.⁣

⁣She gained weight out despite her careful diet and exercise, was exhausted, had over 15 migraines a month, and had brain fog. No one could uncover what was wrong, and her tests were all normal. Despite being a popular doctor who was so competent in caring for her patients, her own health declined. She didn’t feel well. She couldn’t imagine aging. If her 30’s felt so awful, what could 40 even begin to look like? Unimaginable.⁣

⁣Dr. Iyer discovered Functional Medicine: a discipline of medicine dedicated to restoring all body systems back to optimal. It looks at healthy aging and longevity, avoiding disease and disability. Her focus is on each person being unique and understanding that what works for one person is certainly different from what works for someone else.⁣


⁣Systems biology. Biotoxins. Mitochondrial function. Leaky gut. SIBO. Microbiome. Steroid pathways. Adrenal fatigue and the stress syndrome/ Burnout. Brain chemistry and neurotransmitters. Childhood stress and trauma. The gut-brain axis. These are just some of the areas a Functional Medicine Doctor looks at with each patient to help them achieve their best health and vitality.⁣

⁣Dr. Iyer has been an invited speaker at many conferences and events, including an International Women’s Health conference attended to by specialists and doctors from the US and Asia. She has been a frequent guest on national media both television and radio, as well as magazines. ⁣

⁣She lives in Calgary, AB with her 2 sons and 2 dogs. They love the outdoors, staying active and even more, they love good food and fine dining.

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