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Our humanity is based on the stories that have been told since time began. Storytelling teaches us, directs us, connects us. It is through stories that we can understand each other and understand ourselves. To tell our own stories is a way to leave our imprint, to let the world know we were here, to share the value of our own experience, and to empower others to share as well. The VOW, Voice Of Women, is a podcast and a mission to create a safe space where women can share their stories and support each other through experiences both shared and unique. The VOW fosters a community of empowerment and uplifting that is built on the rich history of storytelling of all the women that have come before us.

Amplify Your Voice

Do you have a story of overcoming adversity? Have you learned something from an experience common to a lot of women? Do you want to share your success and empower other women to find their purpose? Have you figured something out? Do you have insights that support health and wellness? Do you have a powerful message to share? Do you want to give other women in our community a voice?

The VOW and the women in our collective of listeners and participants want to hear your story. We want to expand how we think. We want to change, become enlightened, and understand ourselves and each other better. Your story could be something we all need to hear, or it could be something that just one of us needs to hear, but your voice has value and your story can impact our community.

The VOW audience is made up of women from across the country, and even across the globe. By understanding the experiences that are common to us, we connect a little better. And by hearing the stories of women who live lives that are completely different from ours, we cultivate a community of empathy and understanding. By sharing your story with The VOW community, we all become stronger, more informed, and more empowered to live our own stories and raise our own voices. Fill out our online form to become a guest now.

The Voice of Women Podcast offers remote recordings for guests outside of Calgary!

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Your sponsorship is what allows our team at The Vow to give a voice to women everywhere. The generous support of our sponsors who believe in the value of cultivating a space where the stories of women can inspire, motivate,  and educate allows us to continue to grow our podcast community where our audience and our storytellers can find purpose and empowerment. 

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Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice

Vulnerability, compassion, and experiences shared through story-telling is fundamental to what we do. The VOW is a community of women and allies connecting through the things that make us the same and the uniqueness of us all. Amplify the Voice Of Women by sharing your story as a Guest, or with your support as a Partner. To be a guest click here. To be a sponsor click here.

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The VOW is a community of diverse voices with stories to tell. To be part of a community of inspiration and impact, join us as a guest or as a sponsor and lend your voice to a growing movement of empowerment with The VOW.

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