Frances Wright is very grateful that her parents brought her to Calgary from South Africa when she was six years old.

Calgary has been a great place to receive education (B.A., Psychology/Sociology, U of C, an Hons. B.Journalism, Carleton; and a Canadian Securities Course); start businesses (Wright Consultants 1975-79; PORTS International 1980-90; Pillow Parlor 1991-93 and MOMpreneur® 2008-2011); and launch foundations (Famous 5 Foundation, Founder/CEO 1995-2004 and the Canadian Centre for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse – cc4ms, Founder/CEO, 2012- present). Currently, she is the Chair of the F5F focusing on inspiring women to be nation builders – and celebrate the 95th Anniversary of the ‘Persons’ Case on Oct. 18, 2024.

Frances and her friends established the Hazel Gillespie Community Investment Leadership Award in 2007 to honour Hazel Gillespie and celebrate outstanding community investment leaders.  Since 2003, Frances and some of her other friends have hosted Breaking Bread dinners to raise funds for teachers in Afghanistan through Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan.

Frances is the grateful recipient of a number of awards such as the Integrity Award from Rotary, the Governor General’s ‘Persons’ Award, an Honourary Degree from U of C, the Alberta Order of Excellence and an Order of Canada. All have been accepted in the name of everyone who has helped along the way!

As the happy and proud spouse of Richard Pootmans, our next City Councillor for Ward 6, Frances is looking forward to many more years of repaying Canada for allowing her to be a citizen.

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